11 Top Protein Dessert Instagram Influencers (2023)

We know it can really be tough slogging through a long cutting season without knowing filling delicious meals, or chowing down on the same 4 foods in a bulk. Luckily, there is a thriving community of popular high protein dessert influencers on Instagram who create daily content that anyone can follow along with to discover new recipes for their needs.

These are the content creators on Instagram that are truly pushing the envelope for the fitness foods niche.


1. Zach Rocheleau (@theflexibledietinglifestyle) - 1.1M Followers


Perfect for: Air fried Sweet and Savory foods

Zach Rocheleau is a true fitness and culinary visionary. He posted his first Instagram recipe back in 2015, and his journey has only soared since then. He not only has previously ran his own gym but also currently boasts his own recipe app and two protein powder brands. Lately, his content has been a delightful exploration of air-fried recipes, offering a healthier twist to your favorite comfort foods.

2. Nicole Addison (@nourishedbynic) - 327K Followers


Perfect for: Desserts using simple whole ingredients

Based in Toronto, Nicole Addison is a registered dietitian who's passionate about creating desserts that emphasize simple, wholesome ingredients. Her content leans towards incorporating a colorful array of vegetables, adding a nutritious twist to her delicious creations.

3. Michael Kory (@michaelkory) - 326K Followers


  Great for: Desserts targeting specific tastes like peanut butter, oreos, pumpkin, etc

Michael Kory's journey began in Missouri at a young age, before he made his way to his current home in Oklahoma. He started on YouTube in 2010 before college and authored his first cookbook in 2013. What's more, he owns his own gym, which has undoubtedly influenced his creative approach to crafting fitness desserts. His content delves into specific tastes, offering delectable creations like peanut butter-infused desserts and more.

4. Matteo (@Mattsfitchef) - 304K Followers


  Great for: Bakery style foods such as breads, muffins, cookies, etc.

Matteo's culinary journey was inspired by his struggle with an unhealthy relationship with food when he was young. As he matured, he embarked on a mission to create healthy food-based content. His feed is an aesthetic paradise of bakery-style foods, from bread to muffins and cookies that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate.

5. Marianna Moore (@mariannas_pantry) - 295K Followers


  Great for: Foods and desserts incorporating whole ingredients.

Based out of Boston, Marianna Moore holds a Master of Science in nutrition and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist. Not only is she a culinary expert, but she also co-hosts her own podcast dedicated to fitness and nutrition, offering a wealth of knowledge to her 295,000 followers.

6. Claire Hodgins (@clairenolann) - 231K Followers


  Great for: Healthy recipes incorporating lots of vegetables

Claire Hodgins, a native of upstate New York, has made her mark in Nashville, Tennessee. Her journey in the world of food started in 2022, and since then, she's been impressing her audience with healthy recipes that incorporate an abundance of vegetables. Her creations are as vibrant as they are nutritious.

7. Matt Rosenman (@cheatdaydesign) - 206K Followers


  Great for: Baked Desserts

Matt Rosenman, a certified personal trainer, embarked on his blog journey in 2017. He's become known online as the "healthy rebrand" expert, and his feed is brimming with delectable baked desserts that redefine indulgence.

8. Ana Garcia (@anasfitmeals) - 160K Followers


  Great for: Creamy desserts like cheesecake, overnight oats, and mousse

Based out of Switzerland, Ana Garcia shares not only her culinary creations but also her life in Europe. Her feed is a testament to creamy, delightful desserts like cheesecake, overnight oats, and mousse that cater to both taste and nutrition.

9. Katie McLendon (@cookingkatielady) - 155K Followers


  Great for: Sweets incorporating conventional sweet ingredients and methods compared to other influencers on this list

Katie McLendon's journey is deeply personal. Struggling with epilepsy, she overcame it through a healthy and fit lifestyle. She learned traditional cooking methods from her family, and her recipes reflect her conventional yet high-protein twist on sweet ingredients and methods.

10. Zac Kerr (@counting_zacros) - 136K Followers


  Great for: Small cakes, brownies, and waffles

Zac Kerr, based out of Australia, faced a unique health challenge in his youth. His body produced too much cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) due to rapid weight gain, which affected his vision. This led him to develop an unhealthy relationship with food, particularly carbs. Now, he posts daily content to spread a positive message in the fitness industry, emphasizing body positivity and a healthy relationship with macros and food.

11. Kelly (@eattherainbow_za) - 114K Followers


  Great for: Baked desserts such as cakes, breads, and cupcake

Kelly's feed is a showcase of artful, healthy eating. She regularly showcases the foods her followers make, demonstrating her close relationship with them. She's well-known for her "full day of eating high protein" series, highlighting the joy of indulging in high-protein desserts. Her baking talents shine through aesthetically pleasing high-protein recipes alongside other beloved, healthy whole ingredient meals.


These Instagram influencers aren't just reshaping desserts; they're revolutionizing the way we approach sweet treats within the realm of fitness and health. With their creativity, culinary expertise, and unwavering commitment to taste and nutrition, they're proving that you don't have to sacrifice indulgence for your fitness goals.

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